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You've purchased a bootmod3 license and are looking to activate it and use the bootmod3 features. Here are the steps that outline how to accomplish that.

Once the DME is unlocked we will send you the following information:

  1. Activation key - Generated specifically for your VIN
  2. activation.bm3 file - activation.bm3 is the stock tune that was read out at the time we or our dealer unlocked your DME (engine computer). The only change from stock in it is tamper code was removed and you can flash to this file at any time to go back to your stock tune performance if needed.

Next, to connect your car to the bootmod3 servers you need to connect the OBD port with an ENET cable to either your laptop or the bootmod3 OBD Agent Device, whichever it is you prefer to use.

If using a laptop you need to download the latest OBD Agent to your laptop from here:

OBD Agent connects your vehicle to the bootmod3 servers and allows you to use the website or the mobile apps to diagnose, program various ECUs in the car, datalog, etc.

You start the laptop based OBD Agent by double clicking on the start.bat file (if on Windows) or double clicking on the agentapp.jar (if on macOS). Once it starts up you’ll see a BM3 logo and a message saying Agent Connection is UP. NOTE: Java 8 needs to be installed on your laptop, click here to download.

Alternatively, if using the hardware OBD Agent device it comes preconfigured and you simply power it up from a USB connection in your vehicle and connect it to the OBD port with the ENET cable. It will attempt to auto-connect to a WIFI network called bootmod3, password bootmod3, and then connect with the bootmod3 servers. You can start a WIFI hotspot on your phone for the device to use as its Wifi connection, or, you can change the default WIFI settings by following these instructions.

Next, while the car is connected, you need to activate your license on the web. Here’s the link to the bm3 website:

NOTE: Each VIN being registered needs its own bootmod3 account signup on the web or app.

Click on the Add Device button on the Devices screen and enter the info as instructed via email (VIN, activation key and select the activation.bm3 file from your laptop). 

Once activated you will see your VIN in the devices screen and a label on it indicating “OBD CONNECTED” and activation is complete.

To add your OTS map (attached to this email) you go into the My Maps screen and click on the “Add” button to add the map. Select the OTS map file from your machine and upload it.

At this point your account is activated and you have two maps under My Maps to switch between and the ACTIVE indicator shows you what your current map is. To load the OTS map we provided over email you can click/tap on it from the list in My Maps and hit the FLASH button (first button on the map description screen).