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This guide walks through the BM3 Flex Fuel Kit assembly procedure. Those customers purchasing the BM3 Flex Fuel Kit can use this guide as a DIY manual for assembling their own kit when purchasing it without the GM/Continental Flex Fuel sensor included from us.


  1. 3/16” Hex (Allen) Key

  2. 5/32” Hex (Allen) Key

  3. -6AN Wrench

  4. GM/Continental Flex Fuel Sensor, Part NumberNumbers: 13507129, 13577429

    1. NOTE: Only the short-tube small housing version of this sensor can be assembled into our 3-piece machined sensor adapter. You cannot use the long tube version of it or the large housing 4-bolt version of it (picture below)

  5. Engine oil (any, to lube seals/fittings)

  6. Thread Sealant - fuel/oil/chemical safe

    1. We use: Permatex Part Number: 59206 (high temp, chemical (oil/fuel) safe, white teflon paste)