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Purpose of this document is to provide bootmod3 users with a central location for release notes describing changes to the overall platform, new features released and ongoing changes and updates to various OTS Maps. 


NOTE: For latest updates join the 'bootmod3 enthusiasts' Facebook group!

May 21, 2024:

S58-2 MultiMap OTS update:

  • Revised flexfuel maps, to provide a higher power and torque output at a maximum ethanol percentage of 50%
  • New boost control for stage 2 maps with high flow downpipes to prevent overboost
  • Multimap maximum power is now reached at 50% ethanol

March 25, 2024:

B58-T0-C OTS map update:


Version 2.0, November 26 2020:
- New torque structure
- Ignition timing revised
- Boost control revised
- Power increase

July 3, 2020:

S58 OTS map version 2.4 is out!

After gathering tons of datalogging from users across the world, even more improvements were found, applied and tested 

These findings resulted in a smoother boost curve at high engine speed allowing for a more clean ignition timing curve thus more efficient power, especially on stage 1 cars with stock hardware.

Furthermore, burble is now working better for cars with particulate filter (OPF).Version 2.4, July 3 2020:

- Boost taper at high RPM fixed

- Unstable wgdc at high RPM fixed

- Burble activation for OPF cars

May 10, 2020:
B58-G Stage 2+ OTS maps now available!

The stock turbo can flow on the B58, but the limitation is the HPFP, with the B58TU HPFP or Dorch Engineering HPFP you can unleash the true beast of your B58!

Boost pressure is around 20 psi

Required hardware:

- High flow downpipe

- Upgraded fuel pump (Dorch Engineering or B58TU fuel pump)


- OEM BMW B58TU Fuel pump part # 13518631642 - This fuel pump is plug and play, Map Configuration should be left unchanged or set to OEM

- If using the Dorch Fuel pump, Map Configuration for the HPFP should be set to DORCH

We recommend XHP transmission flash to take advantage of the high torque

B58-G OTS map version 2.1 is now available!
Version 2.1, May 10 2020:
- Boost and load control changes

We spent a lot of time on boost and load control on this Version 2.1

Slightly powerincrease on the topend.

Some users would experience overboost in the lower RPM range causing a midrange to drop slightly in power.

This should now be resolved.

B48 F series hybrid OTS map update - Version 2.0 is now available!
ACN91 and E30 Stage 1 and Stage 2 OTS maps has also been added

New boost and load control, making spool faster and throttle wide open!


Full support for B48TU & B58TU version R4C9F4G5B  is now added. 

Jan 27, 2020:
M Performance map for N55-PWG172 is up!

  • Free map, useful for learning the basic steps in tuning - Learn how BMW does it!

Jan 24, 2020:
v0.10.092 is now available.
Fix applied and confirmed that removes Online recode function. It is no longer needed for any reflash scenario and will be removed from the Diagnostics screen in a future release.

Jan 23, 2020:

Full support for B48TU & B58TU version R4C9H6D5B and  R4C9J755B  is now added. 


GTS startup roar for the N55 EWG and PWG172X 

All of this is to be found in the ‘config’ menu

Oct 16, 2019

OBD Agent v0.10.082 is now released. Change includes updated sync functionality of server's last flashed map and additional support on MG1 Aurix (B58-T0 and B48-T0 cars) DME cars.

New tables up for B58TU for cars with OPF to prevent load tapering towards redline


  • Switch for load limitation at rich AFR
  • Lambda rich limit for load limitation
Sept 12, 2019 
  • OBD Agent update 0.10.080
    •  Added a pre-run check to 'online recode' to only allow the run if coding is missing
Sept 10, 2019 
  • A90/J29 Toyota Supra release
  • OBD Agent 0.10.079 release 
    • Additional vehicle support

    • Further connection handling/detection enhancements

    • Changes/enhancement to recoding process


  • bootmod3 New DME Programming Support - MG1 Aurix!

    Development and testing has now been completed on the MG1 Aurix DME programming. That includes the new 2020 Toyota Supra (A90 / J29) among others such as the BMW F90 M5, the new G29 Z4, X5 40i, m340i, G20 330i, etc.

    *** NOTE: OTS Maps testing is in beta and we look forward to sharing results very soon! ***

July 23, 2019 
  • BMW B48 support has now been released out of closed beta and is available to the general public
May 28, 2019 
  • OBD Agent 0.10.071 Release
    • It automates a full flash if anything is off with current state of DME including coding removing the need for anyone to know they should try a full flash for recovery.
    • New feature for map config:  Upgraded ignition coils support from Precision Racewerks (PR) - N55 Engine.  Take your ignition to the next level, far better than OEM. 
May 24, 2019
  •  OBD Agent 0.10.070 Release
    • Enhanced data monitoring enabling full time dash without drops. Data handling changes for the upcoming auto-logging/monitoring support
    • Various minor changes around dash/logging start/stop and diagnostics
    • Startup speed improvements and reconnect enhancements especially for Wifi devices. Fixed bug that required the app to be restarted at times when used with a wifi device


  • Version 8.6, August 20 2018:
    • Load changes at higher IAT
  • Version 8.5, July 20, 2018
    • Burble Fixes for 4000rpm and upwards

  • Version 8.4: June 2018 
    • Revmatch in Sport Plus for 6MT
  • Version 8.3, May 26 2018:
    • Burble fixes
  • Version 8.2, May 15 2018:
    • Burble at downshift
  • Version 8.1, May 7, 2018:
    • Fueling Adjustments for E30 maps 
  • Version 8, April 26, 2018:
    • ZCP burble fixed
    • CSL map added to the free OTS collection (It is slightly stronger than the GTS) 
    • Added NEW - Stage 2 RaceGas Map (Unleaded) octane mapping: US: 100+ octane (VP MS100/103/109), Euro: 102+ RON


  • Version 6.1, September 7, 2018:
    - Erratic throttle fixed at low speeds
  • Version 6, April 26, 2018:
    • Added NEW - Stage 2 RaceGas Map (Unleaded) octane mapping: US: 100+ octane (VP MS100/103/109), Euro: 102+ RON
  • Verison 6, March 18, 2018:
    • MPPK inspired throttle input
    • Fixing sport display to 480HP/640NM
    • Burble fixes, stage 2 is now a little more high pitching
    • Airmass max limiter increased, some guys experienced airmass codes with intakes after the tune


S63TU-172H Release Notes

  • Version 2, April 27, 2018:
    • Sport display fixed
    • Coldstart delete added to stage 2 maps
    • Revised boost control
    • Revised ignition advance