Offline Mode - Android (Optional)

bootmod3 supports connecting the ENET cable directly to Android phones as well as using a WiFi connection with the BM3 WiFi adapter box. Android devices turn off Mobile Data (internet) when the device is connected with the ENET cable or to the BM3_NET wifi network.

It is possible to configure your Android device to keep Mobile Data (internet) connected when the ENET cable is connected to it or when you connect to the BM3_NET WiFi network by going to:

Settings → Connections → Data Usage → Mobile Data Only Apps → check off the ‘bootmod3’ app here.

When to use Offline Mode

In most cases the above should get both Internet (Mobile Data) and the ENET/BM3_NET WiFi working together. However, some Android devices (usually older ones) do not support both Mobile Data (Internet) and ENET/WiFi connectivity at the same time. To use the bootmod3 app in this case you can use the ‘Offline Mode’ feature.

What is Offline Mode

Offline Mode allows the user to use the app without internet connectivity, provided that the user has logged in at least once to their user account that contains the vehicle they’re looking to connect with. Once the initial login is done and the vehicle is connected to the Android device the user can switch to Offline Mode and run the Dashboard, Diagnostics, Datalog the vehicle. To flash maps, they need to be downloaded to the phone prior to entering Offline Mode.

How to use Offline Mode

Here is a step by step guide to using Offline Mode on your Android device (also found in the bootmod3 User Manual):

  1. Launch the app and log into your account

  2. Go to the menu and click on Exit menu item, choose 'Keep Settings' in the popup menu and it'll send you back to the Login screen

  3. While on Login screen now, connect ENET cable to phone. First time around you have to ensure your Ethernet IP settings are entered correctly (NOTE: Ethernet IP settings ONLY show up when the cable is connected to the phone.). This is a one time setup of Ethernet settings.

  4. Back in the app you'll see 'Offline Mode' button change from grey to yellow. Click on it and enter the app in Offline Mode.

To see and flash any maps in Offline Mode they have to be downloaded first while internet access is available.

Any logs recorded while in Offline Mode will be uploaded to servers once the app and phone regain internet access.