How to flash your BMW F and G series, A90 Toyota Supra, with bootmod3

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  • This guide is maintained by bootmod3 tech support.

There is also the unofficial guide here from one of our past customers that's great and its been posted on the forums at and we are sharing it below:

Unofficial bootmod3 Setup Guide (End user forum review, not actively maintained, but has great info)

Hi, BM3 OBD Unlock and Flash for the BMW F series is officially out, I just flashed bootmod3 (BM3) using proTUNING Freaks' (PTF) new OBD Unlock feature! It was a quick and flawless process! Here are the quick and easy steps to get your BMW tuned within minutes without removing the DME 

If you haven't already purchased BM3, go here: 
After purchasing, PTF will email you an Activation Key which will be used for activating your BM3 account.

0 - Ensure any firewall and network protection is turned off as it will interfere with flashing. This includes:

  • Windows and macOS firewall and Windows Defender
  • Any Norton or McAfee or 3rd party anti-virus or network protection software you might have. Disable it fully.
  • If you skip this step and leave them running you'll have connection issues and it may not connect and might fail at 1%
  • If you're using an adapter for the BMW ENET cable to connect to your laptop the generic ones will NOT work on macOS in most cases. You need an Apple adapter which is sold at the Apple store.

1 - Create an account at

  • Install it once downloaded, and proceed to Step 3

2 - Connect your computer to your car using an ENET cable (OBD to Ethernet), similar to the one found here:
- Press the start button so the dash cluster turns on, but do NOT start the engine. You'll see the gas tank level gauge move and show level of fuel in the tank.
- Start the bootmod3 OBD Agent and leave it running

4 - On the page, log in and click Activate Vehicle.

5 - Copy and paste the Activation Key that was emailed to you and then click Activate Vehicle to register your vehicle to your account!
NOTE: The activation screen will show a Vehicle Software Details below the VIN and activation key. If you're not seeing them showing remove the battery ground cable (brown wire) from the battery for 3 minutes to reset all ECUs and try again.

*At this step, a stock map will be automatically created for your vehicle/software version which you will see under "My Maps". This is how you go back to full stock! Awesome right?

***A battery charger is HIGHLY recommended before proceeding to the following steps!!*** In case you're wondering, I took the risk and did not use a battery charger. If your car was sitting in the garage for some time (mine sat for a week), I suggest you go for a drive if you absolutely cannot get a battery charger, but be warned you are taking a risk! I'm not not responsible for your errors or decisions.

6 - Once activated, you may select an off the shelf (OTS) map for your octane and modifications under OTS Maps, Stage 1, 2, E85, whatever your heart desires.

7 - Go to My Maps where you will find your new tune, ready for flashing! Click the map you want, click Flash, and then click PRESS HERE TO FLASH NOW. Make sure your headlights are turned off, doors are closed, and your seatbelt is on to prevent ECUs from going to sleep. It'll take just a few minutes to unlock your DME and flash the new tune onto your car!

8 - Once flashing is complete, it'll ask you to turn off the car for 20 seconds and then you can start the engine! CAR IS UNLOCKED, FLASHED, AND READY TO GO FOR A DRIVE! 

As simple as FLASH AND GO! Awesome! 

I hope this helps and that you enjoy your newly tuned BMW with the greatest tuning platform available! You have the option to get new OTS maps for different fuels and modifications! And if you want to take it a step further, you can get a custom tune! PTF updates the OTS maps periodically for new features and performance enhancements.

Need additional technical support? Go here and create a ticket:

Any tuning related map requests, you can request changes and make comments through the site under the individual maps!
Thanks proTUNING Freaks! 

Update, added more helpful steps! 

-How to flash back to FULL stock? FULL Stock = LOCKED DME + Stock Software.

  • Go to My Maps and select Stock Tune.
  • If you want to flash to the stock tune BUT keep the unlock, click PRESS HERE TO FLASH NOW instead. Keeping the unlock will allow you to switch maps WITHIN 40 Seconds!

-Do you have a DCT M2/M3/M4? You can flash the GTS Transmission software for improved shifting performance.

  • Go to Transmission and select GTS Transmission Flash.
  • Click FLASH GTS.
  • If you want to flash back to the stock Transmission Software, click Stock Transmission Flash instead.

Need a CUSTOM tune?

  • Go to Tuners and select your tuner of choice.
  • Follow the steps and your tuner will get in contact with you.

How to request an update or a change to your tune? This is the quickest and preferred way of contacting your tuner for tune related changes.

  • Go to the map that you want changed.
  • Select REQ. SUPPORT.
  • Comment your requests and then hit REQUEST.
  • Your tuner can message you back right there and will push the new updated map, and all you have to do is press Flash to flash the updated tune! All through the agent, incredible right?

-Updating the agent: This notification will show up automatically when a new update is available.

  • Follow the onscreen steps, and hit Download Update and the agent will restart on it's own.