bootmod3 WiFi Adapter (OBD Agent Hardware) - Firmware Update

Firmware for the OBD Agent is available for download from here. It requires pulling the microSD card out of the device for an update.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Get an 8gb microSD card (or any larger microSD than 8gb) or remove the one in the device currently and verify its size.
  2. Insert the microSD card into an appropriate micro SD card reader and connect the reader to the computer.
  3. Download ONE of the following firmware below.
    1. Standard firmware that supports Direct ENET cable connection and BM3_NET WiFi firmware:
    2. ...OR, if the above didn't work with your phone for any reason here is our:
      Legacy (hotspot) firmware:
      This should not be needed for any iPhone/iOS device. It is mostly for older Android devices that don't support Ethernet (older than Android v6.0.1) and some newer ones where manufacturers made trivial mistakes in network settings setup out of the box such as OnePlus and Pixel 4. We highly suggest sending emails to these manufacturers (open support tickets with them) to correct the issue where a Static IP cannot be set on either an Ethernet or WiFi connection, or just get an Android 10 phone like the Samsung S10 or S20, works like a charm, or any iPhone.
  4. Unzip the provided .gz file. On Windows you can use WinRAR or 7-zip software to extract the downloaded .gz file from the above link. On macOS in most cases it’ll just unzip automatically after downloading. Unzipped file will have a .img extension and the file will be just below 4 GB in size.
  5. Download and install Balena Etcher (software to use to write the image to the SD card)
  6. Write the .img file to the card. You can use Etcher (on macOS or Windows), free utility.

Once updated, insert the SD card back into the device and power it on to confirm connectivity. Setup instructions for your mobile device for the above Standard firmware are here:

iOS: bootmod3 iOS app - Ethernet and BM3_NET WiFi Settings
Android: bootmod3 Android app - Ethernet and BM3_NET WiFi Settings