How To Datalog with bootmod3

There are two ways to connect and datalog with bootmod3 explained below. Choose the option that best suits your needs and hardware used.

Laptop - Google Chrome Browser + Laptop OBD Agent

These instructions are for those that use the laptop to connect to their car instead of the bootmod3 hardware device. 

  • Connect OBD ENET cable between the car's OBD port and your laptop.
    • If your laptop doesn't have an ethernet port you need to use an Ethernet-To-USB adapter between the ENET cable and your laptop to connect them
    • If using a Mac many generic Ethernet-to-USB adapters have issues. Try to use the Apple Ethernet-to-USB adapter, it works without any issues with a Mac. Apple adapter also works really well on Windows.
    • When using generic Ethernet-To-USB adapters on Windows, most come with some device driver software that needs to be installed on your Windows machine to make them work so ensure they are installed
  • Check that your laptop has internet access. You can use a nearby WiFi network for your laptop or connect your laptop to your phone's Hotspot
  • Start OBD Agent
    • For instructions on download and how to start click HERE
  • Check to see that OBD CONNECTED message shows in the Devices screen.
    • This indicates the OBD agent has connected with your car's OBD port successfully
  • Go to Dashboard screen and double-click on any gauge to start the LOG.
  • If making datalogs for tuning adjustments you can start a log in 3rd gear at around 2500rpm and take it through the rev range and higher gears to collect as much data as possible
  • Double-click on any gauge to stop the LOG.
  • A full list of datalogs can be found under the Datalogs screen
  • To send to your tuner click on the button on the right for each log entry and click "Share Link"
    • NOTE: Make sure pop-up blockers are disable for this website
    • The datalog will show up in another tab in your browser and just copy and paste the link to the log to your email or support ticket if dealing with bootmod3 support and send it over